Wedding Hunt, X.

Bride Gracey Winters Howey

Brides Makeup & Hair: Alyssa G.
Bridesmaids Makeup & Hair: Alyssa Artistry Group

Summer Style Tips: Beach-Ready Braids

Working with Kendra Scott sharing some Summer Style Tips - Hair

Click on the link: 
Summer Style Tips: Beach-Ready Braids

Dallas, TX w/ Kendra Scott

Heading to Dallas, TX w/ Kendra. 

Checking into Ritz Carlton Hotel
Meeting: going over Kendras schedule for Dallas, TX
Do you think we brought enough jewelry options for our Dallas Trip? Lol 

Visiting all the KS stores in the area 

Kendra Scott- Rivera Maya Photoshoot

Behind the scenes from the Kendra Scott photoshoot. 

Makeup & Hair by Alyssa G

Kendra Scott Team

Heading to the Rivera Maya, Mexico doing MAKEUP & HAIR for the Kendra Scott Summer Ad Campaign, Bridal & Signature Collection. 


Waiting for our Driver. 
Heading to NYC 

KS- Glam Rocks

Kendra Scott 
Makeup & Hair by Alyssa G.

 Kendra, Monica & Alyssa behind the scenes on location of Glam Rocks photo shoot.
The Team !

Wardrobe Stylist Christina & Alyssa 

Kendra Scott- The Woodlands Grand Opening

Kendra Scott opening a 3rd store in Houston, TX at the Woodlands.

Kendra's Makeup & Hair by ME

Kendra & I at the Woodlands Grand Opening.

At the hotel getting Kendra ready for the Grand Opening. Nice view of her store from our hotel room.

with Kaki & Denise

The Mrs. Band

Alyssa Garcia Artistry Group is the Glam Team for the Mrs Band.

Alyssa G Artistry Group with The Mrs